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Brackets, developed by Adobe, is an innovative and feature-packed open-source text editor designed particularly for web development. It is highly regarded in the coding community for its focus on modern web technologies and easy integration with web design tools.

Brackets introduces inline editing, allowing users to edit CSS properties straightly in the context of the HTML code. This inline styling expedites a more productive workflow by removing the need to switch between separate CSS and HTML files, improving code readability and organization.

The software also has code folding capabilities, enabling users to collapse and expand code blocks for better organization and readability. It provides advanced code navigation functions, making it seamless for developers to quickly jump between different sections of their codebase.

Furthermore, a feature called "Extract for PSD" of the software is specifically useful for designers working on web projects, where Brackets can extract color, font, gradient, and measurement information directly from Photoshop PSD files, streamlining the process of converting designs into web-ready code.

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