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B7094 IBM7094 Emulator

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# Change Log

Manuals moved to separate archive

Minor errors in source fixed

Error in xample script fixed

Bug in Tape Viewer fixed (and scripts modified to suit)

Example inline scripts added


B7094 is a simulator/emulator program for the IBM 7000 series computers that were produced from the early 1950s to the late 1960s.

The IBM 7000 machines were for a time, the largest and most powerful widely used computers in the world.

These machines started with the first generation vacuum tube based 704/709, and were followed in 1959 by the second generation transistorized 7090/7094 and 7040/7044 models.

They generally had no disk storage (though that did come later), and made heavy use of magnetic tape and punched cards.

This simulator has a graphical interface with separate windows for the main console with all its flashing lights, the card reader, the line printer and all the tape drives, as well as several other specialized windows.

It can run the 7000 series operating system "IBSYS," and can compile and execute programs written in Fortran, Cobol, and Assembler. All the required 7000 series software to do that is included in the distribution.

Note: B7094 is a Windows program, but it has been reported to run properly on Linux under Wine.

To avoid needing the user to have any detailed knowledge of how these machines and their software operated, the simulator provides some prepackaged demonstrations that are easily managed and viewed, thanks to the emulator's built-in scripting language.

Installing the simulator and running the demonstrations is extremely easy to do:

1. Download the distribution RAR file

2. Extract it into a new folder

3. Run B7094.EXE in the created "Bin" sub-folder

4. Click on the options displayed to select from the many demonstrations available.

B7094 makes no changes to the Windows registry or any other part of the system other than its install folder. Deleting the RAR file and the install folder will completely remove B704 from your system.

The source is included in the distribution, to allow you to compile and modify or enhance the program.

There is a YouTube video that shows the use and operation of B7094, to be followed soon by another describing how to compile it from the sources. The video is available on YouTube

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