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Ant Renamer is a free program for Microsoft Windows users, also the source code is available. The developer name of this program is Antoine Potten, a Belgian programmer.

The name of the software "Ant Renamer" is a shortcut of his surname and the word "Renamer". The purpose of this utility is to help users to rename multiple files and folders. The program just changes file names and does not affect the contents of files during this operation. Here is a list with the most important features of this utility. Support for Unicode file names (Windows NT versions - 2000, XP, Vista and 7), character string insertion, numbering, changing extension, replace of character strings with others, case change, random name creation, regular expressions and many others. Also, the program is available in 16 languages. The program is a free batch renamer for Windows® and it should work on all almost versions of this operating system. If you need to use the program for Windows 95® - use an older version, up to 2.0.4, newer versions won't work. You can download older versions from official website.

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Ant Renamer Review

Ant Renamer comes in two versions. The first one is the "traditional" setup file that allows you to install the program. The second one is a ZIP archive is the portable version. Both of them are small, around 1 MB. Starting with the size of this utility I have nothing but a great impression about this piece of software. There isn't much to say about the program if we skip the technical details (features).

The main purpose of this application is to help you to rename multiple files and folders. In short terms: a batch renamer. The interface is clean and intuitive. All you have to do is to add files and then use the "Actions" section. There are plenty of actions to choose from, I will not enumerate them here. The idea is that you can use the program for simple actions or perform advanced replacement operations. An example would be, the ability to create and mix several actions resulting in a complex batch operation. More interesting: you can use a preview which prevents undesired results. I tested Ant Renamer on Windows XP Professional® and on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition®. It should work on Windows 8® too.

In the end, considering the ease of use, features and the fact that is free, I would recommend this program as one of the best batch renamers for Windows. Please support future versions and consider a donation to the author.

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