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TinyMediaManager is free software that lets you sort your media and search it using filters. This includes movie files and television programs.

This software is for those who are interested in labeling their movies and TV shows and associating the appropriate data with them.

Note: You need at least Java 1.7 to run tinyMediaManager v2.

Outstanding Features

The software connects to,,, and to gather metadata for all of your movies. It attaches that metadata to your movie files. You can edit or rewrite metadata as well.

The same connection provides you with artwork for your films, as well as trailers. You can also ask for subtitles.

TinyMediaManager enables the user to create sets of movies. These are films that are grouped by genre or topic or any other organizing principle you choose.

The app can import TV shows and recognize the episode you want or get subtitles.

If you are not pleased with the results, you can change the metadata, trailer, artwork, or even rename your movie files and folders.

Here is a short list of its most powerful features:

- scrape and edit metadata of movies and TV shows

- get artwork, trailers, and subtitles

- rename your movie files

- advanced search

- create and import NFOs

- extract media information

- create movie sets

- artwork for movies and TV shows

- assign movies

- powerful import engine for TV shows


The Interface

The left side of the screen lists all movie titles in your collection, while the screen on the right displays the artwork prominently, along with details such as runtime, cast, plot summaries, and trailers.

You play movies and shows from the interface itself.


Once the software scans your data sources, everything else is automatic. The one exception is for the case of misidentified files. You will need to go through your files and manually correct any that have been misnamed.

Note: You will need Java to run this program.

Ease of Use

This application seems to have been developed with a focus on automation. After the initial setup, the user can retrieve files, play programs and movies, and store them without much effort. This makes it much more straightforward than EMDB and MediaPortal.

The Bottom Line

TinyMediaManager works well for those who want to sort and label their media once and then spend their time watching it instead of organizing it. The initial setup is simple, and the interface makes it easy to work with files. If you find TinyMediaManager useful, please consider a donation!

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