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Zemana AntiMalware Free is a formidable “on-demand” malware scanner. Though this malware scanner does not offer real-time protection, it is still capable of identifying and removing nasty code that threatens the functionality of your computer. It might be useful as a second opinion scanner just in case you suspect an infection.

Note: Unfortunately, the portable version of Zemana is no longer available. FossHub lists the free edition which offers advanced malware detection and removal, Browser Cleanup and it offers protection against rootkits and bootkits. If you aim for real-time, ransomware protection, increased zero-day malware protection and support you will need to purchase the "PREMIUM" version. You can also test the premium version for 30 days before you decide to buy it.

Zemana AntiMalware Free Review

What it Does

Zemana AntiMalware performs a full scan of your computer whenever prompted. The software is somewhat unique in the fact that it does not store virus definitions on the user's computer. Instead, file fingerprints are uploaded to a cloud server. The program will remove just about any malicious threat whether it is adware, spyware, a trojan, a virus, worms, rootkits, pesky toolbars, undesired apps or browser add-ons. You can run this anti-virus software while another similar program operates in the background without any problems. It won't take up much space on your hard drive as the software taps into the power of the cloud for information storage purposes.

Ease of Use

Zemana AntiMalware will zoom through a scan of your computer in hardly any time at all. You can select either a Deep Scan or a Smart Scan, and it will clean all potential threats. The program's settings are incredibly easy to use, even for computer novices. There is just about no learning curve to this software. You will be running a scan seconds after it is installed and loaded up. If it finds a threat, you will be prompted to make a decision. You can repair, report as safe, exclude the risk. You can even copy the threat's pertinent details and transfer them into an online search engine to obtain additional information. If Zemana AntiMalware is not capable of removing an extraordinarily sophisticated piece of malware, help will be on its way in the form of Zemana engineers. These computer aficionados will connect to your computer and perform a manual removal of the problematic malware.


This anti-malware software's scans will check more than just your computer hard drive for potential threats. It is designed to perform a thorough review of your computer's registry as well as your browser settings. Like just about every other anti-virus program on today's market, Zemana AntiMalware is built with a virus vault that keeps a record of all infections that have been removed following a scan. That's it for the program's settings. Zemana AntiMalware is somewhat “bare bones, ” yet it does what its creators intended: Identify and remove the potentially malicious code in an accurate and timely manner.


Most users like the program's design. It displays only the tools and options that the average computer user needs. Everything looks and feels clean. In a nutshell, the Zemana Antimalware user experience design is best described as satisfactorily intuitive. It is programmed to help users through each step of virus scans, removals, and other functions. Unlike other security programs on the market, Zemana AntiMalware won't overload your screen with a seemingly endless number of highly complex menus and difficult to understand options. This anti-virus software was made for non-specialists, and that is certainly not a bad thing, considering the fact that most computer users are not hardcore tech geeks.

The Verdict

Zemana AntiMalware uses few resources yet performs thorough scans. It is not meant to be the first line of defense for your computer. Think of it as more of a backup or “second opinion” solution. This additional scanning layer will certainly help you remove malicious code without conflicting with any anti-virus programs that are already running. It 's hard to find anyone who has major complaints about this program. In the end, Zemana AntiMalware makes valid on its claims, and that is all that matters.

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