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Wox is a free, powerful launcher for Microsoft Windows. Wox is not just a simple launcher, but it also allows you to access programs and web content as you type which makes you more productive.

You can find applications and files, search for specific keywords on the web or create your plugins in numerous programming languages. The program is a good alternative to Alfred and Launchy.

Software professionals need to find things fast. They use hundreds of programs, plugins, and utilities. Beside remembering which programs do what, they have to remember where an application resides in Windows . . . And find it. There have long been programs out there that help find things on computers better than the search options in Windows 10, macOS, and the others.

Wox is one of those programs. Once installed, Wox works by a hotkey command (Alt+space) which brings up a simple search bar. Enter anything into this search bar, and choices will show up in a menu below the search bar. The search literally can be about anything. Not only are all the programs on a computer searchable, but their utilities are as well. A search of 'control panel' brings up not only the Windows' control panel but control panels for monitors and other hardware, good stuff most users don't ever use or even know about.

The ability of Wox goes beyond the computer and its peripherals. Wox combines web search with local search. This helps keep track of valuable information on the web that's regularly used. Websites and documents appear with their icons next to documents on the local drive. There's also a built-in calculator. Just put any expression in the search box and press enter. The answer will appear, no command necessary.

Wox gets how humans think in front of a computer. Windows is organized and logical, a virtue not shared by the vast majority of its users. Human thinking is messy, and Wox gets how to reflect that mess as usable information.

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