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VirtualDub is a free, video capture/processing software that runs on almost all Microsoft® Windows® versions. It is not a complex editor such as the commercial alternative Adobe® Premiere® but it has a nice list options that makes it a popular choice.

It is focused on processing AVI files and it can read MPEG-1. There is no version for Mac OS and Linux users and we don't know if the project is discontinued or just under a slow development.

Note: VirtualDub was added on FossHub because several users requested this. Since other websites flagged this application as being discontinued, we hesitated to add it. However, since the latest stable version 1.10.4 works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® version, even if this is true, the program should work for the time being.

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VirtualDub Review


VirtualDub is a free video processing utility for Windows®. It's designed with a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets casual would-be video editors jump in immediately without first having to learn how to use the application.

A lot of function has been squeezed into a relatively streamlined program with an intuitive interface. Its primarily used to splice multiple videos together. The videos are edited frame by frame, making this ideal to edit anime and flash videos. Those who want a little more out of VirtualDub can download third party add-ons and explore the program's collection of filters.


VirtualDub runs directly from an .exe in the download folder; it doesn't need to be fully installed on your system, taking up your computer's resources.

This lightweight program has a small file size to download and runs on older and current versions of Windows®.

The software saves and converts files into a variety of formats and runs faster than many other similar programs.

In addition to stitching video clips together, VirtualDub also applies subtitles, adjusts colors, and sharpens images with a third party add-on, the Warpsharp filter. Users can also resize, flip the image, adjust the video's brightness and contrast, and add a variety of transitions between video segments.

Finally, VirtualDub can convert a series of still images into a movie for projects like a time-lapse video or a cartoon.


This software doesn't offer much in the way of official support or instructions. How-to videos and tutorials are available online for when you're really stuck.

VirtualDub only works with the AVI file format unless you download an additional add-on.

It can only read (not write) MPEG-1 and it can handle sets of BMP images.

For more complex jobs, you'll need a full video editing package like Adobe® Premier®

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