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VirtualDJ is a high-grade DJ software, developed by Atomix Productions, that serves as a dynamic and flexible tool that grants DJs to mix and manipulate audio and video tracks in real-time.

The software provides advanced mixing capabilities, permitting DJs to beat-match tracks, sync tempos, and transition between songs with ease. It also offers a wide range of professional-grade audio effects, including filters, reverb, delay, and EQ, which DJs can apply to single tracks or the master output for creative sound manipulation.

VirtualDJ also provides advanced looping and remixing capabilities, to allow DJs to create loops, samples, and remixes on the fly. It offers a range of looping modes, including auto-loop, manual loop, and seamless loop, giving DJs the flexibility to experiment and add their unique touch to their mixes.

Furthermore, VirtualDJ provides an extensive and intuitive interface that mimics the setup of traditional DJ equipment, including two decks, a mixer, and a variety of control options. DJs can control the software using their computer keyboard and mouse or by connecting external DJ controllers or MIDI devices for a more haptic and hands-on experience.

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