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Unchecky is a free program that will help you to uncheck unrelated offers when attempting to install software that uses third-party software bundles (also known as PuP - Potentially Unwanted Programs).

You can compare Unchecky with an ad-blocker that will prevent the unwanted, misleading third-party software (that we often refer to as "bundles") out of your operating system. You can read more about these unwanted software bundles on Wikipedia or HowToGeek which wrote an article regarding crapware phenomenon.

Note: Unchecky is not a virus scanner, however, and you should still look out for malware while using downloaded programs from the Internet.

A lot of download-able software installers such as what you get from popular download sites (see above the HowToGeek article) and others projects have been becoming increasingly notorious for loading up their installers with adware, toolbars of dubious utility, and a host of things that you don’t want to see. Over time, the ads have become increasingly intrusive. That can get to be pretty annoying.

That’s where Unchecky comes along to save the day. Unchecky automatically de-selects all of the annoying and persistent ads that you get from these free downloading services.

The installation is pretty straightforward- and the whole program amounts to less than an MB or two! That’s icing on the cake for a program that saves you a load of hassle. It installs to the Program Files (x86) directory and runs persistently in the background in RAM. It’s size, and hardware demands are hardly noticeable, as it works quietly in the background dutifully denying unwanted ads any face time with you.

There are next to zero customization options, but there’s not much to customize since all you’re asking it to do is keep the peanut gallery of ads and intrusive toolbars from mucking up your desktop. The main window for Unchecky does allow you to suspend the program temporarily. This is useful if there appears to be a problem. Otherwise, it is not necessary since the program asks so little of your machine. There are 19 or more language options and an advanced settings button that gives you control over automatic updates.

Unchecky does a great job of putting the kibosh on all those intrusive and advertisement rich pop-ups that are an all too common companion to the world of free downloads. Once it’s installed and running, you’ll notice a conspicuous lack of nonsense if you’re a regular user of download sites or sites like them.

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