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TortoiseSVN is a free version control, revision control or source control software for Microsoft Windows OS. TortoiseSVN is based on Apache™ Subversion (SVN)® (an open source version control system) and provides an easy to use UI (User Interface) for Subversion.

It does not require the Subversion command line client to run, has all Subversion features and it has a long list of features which makes it one of the most popular client when it comes to revision control software based on (SVN)®. It is released under the GPL (General Public License), and you are free to use the software in any environment without any restrictions.


- support for all Subversion protocols (http/s:, svn:, svn+ssh:, file: etc.)

- all commands available from Windows Explorer

- status of your files available in the Windows Explorer

- detailed dialogs improved thanks to user feedback

- move files using drag and drop in Windows Explorer

- integrated spell checker, auto-completion and text formatting using special chars

- comparison of tags or two branches

- commit statistics graphs of each project

- advanced graph showing all revisions or commits allowing to identify a tag or branch or a modified file or folder

- helps to avoid accidentally committing with an empty log message

- integrated minimum log message length to avoid committing (accidentally) with an empty log message

- integrate any web-based bug tracking system

- separate input box where you can enter the issue number assigned to commit or coloring of the issue number

- when you check all log messages, an extra column is added with the issue number helping you to identify the issue to the proper commit.

- issue numbers conversion into links that can be opened in the web browser

- warning if the commit doesn't have an assigned issue number

- TortoiseMerge function; shows the changes made to files, help to resolve conflicts, apply patch files.

- TortoiseBlame function; shows blame of files and log messages for each line in a file

- TortoiseDiff function; reveals the changes you performed to image files

- SubWCRev function; allows you to include revision numbers or date in your source files

- translated in many languages, easy to use, stable and a big community helping to test before each new release

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