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Thorium Reader

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Thorium Reader is an easy-to-use Free EPUB Reader application that supports the EPUB standard. One of its strongest points is the highly accessible user experience. You do not need a user account to start reading your favorite publications with this reading app, which is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

The app does not show any ads or collect any user data. Its creators are continually working on adding new features and languages. Some of the available languages include French, Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, and Lithuanian.

Edrlab, a non-profit organization, developed the app to contribute to the specification work for reading system standards. Thus, the developers concentrated on creating a platform that upholds those standards.


Thorium comes with a wide array of features you would expect to find in a reading application. It has a two-page layout, bookmarks, a scrolling table of contents, highlights (annotations), single-page scrolling mode, and text search.

The reading app allows navigation with the keyboard alone, making it accessible to dyslexic and visually impaired users. Furthermore, it is compatible with screen readers, such as VoiceOver, Narrator, NVDA, Jaws.

Additional accessibility features include:

Read-aloud capabilities.

Customizable text size.

Multiple color themes.

Custom fonts (including the dyslexia font).

High contrast features.

Visual adjustments enable users to tweak the app based on specific learning differences. Hence, it attracts the interest of educational institutions, including university libraries.

How Thorium Reader works

Thorium Reader provides an easier way to add books to the built-in library. You can import e-books from various sources, including an OPDS feed or directory. The EPUB reader app works with any screen size.

Depending on your preferences, you organize books by search facility or tags. The app allows you to display multiple titles for convenient side-by-side comparison. It is also possible to adjust spacing and fonts to suit your viewing requirements.

On the other hand, touching the screen or pushing a button enables you to turn the pages while reading. To tweak the appearance of the pages, simply open the settings. The best part about the app is that it simplifies the user experience, making it easier for you to focus on the book's content.

Thorium user interface (UI)

The user interface provides access to the bookshelf and reader views. Visually impaired users can access the UI via the keystrokes and the tab key. The bookshelf view is the first screen that appears immediately after launching the application. It comes with a comprehensive variety of components, including the book list, search feature, catalogs, settings, keyboard shortcuts, and languages.

The books list is the main component of the bookshelf view. It features a list of your imported titles shown in either list or grid view.

This section displays your last opened title at the top of the list. Meanwhile, the 'my books' screen allows you to view and manage your collection according to your personal needs.

Catalogs are the second most prominent screen in the Thorium bookshelf view. Furthermore, you will also find the feature that imports titles from an Open Public Distribution System (OPDS) feed. Thorium adds the catalogs from the feed as links, which you use to browse listed titles and choose to download your favorite options.

If you click the 'detach the window button,' the app shows the reader view in a separate window. This feature is useful when planning to perform a side-by-side comparison of two EPUB files.

On another level, you can opt to set configure your device's settings to use Thorium as the default app for EPUB files. Clicking 'import a publication' in the 'my books' section provides a way to browse your device's memory and pick an EPUB file. Once selected, the file becomes available via the bookshelf view. The title's cover page appears in the section (if available), showing you the author's name and book title.

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