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Sigil is a dynamic and easy-to-use open-source software designed for creating, editing, and formatting eBooks in the EPUB file format.

Sigil provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that enables users to edit eBooks in a familiar manner, close to working with a word processor. Users can view the layout and formatting of the eBook as they edit. It also has a built-in EPUB validation and error-checking capabilities, making sure that the eBook meets the EPUB standard and is compatible with multiple eBook readers and devices.

Furthermore, Sigil offers an intuitive Table of Contents editor that enables users to create, modify, and manage the eBook's table of contents, ensuring an effortless reading experience for users. The software offers a clean and intuitive interface, making it very handy both beginners and experienced users.

It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it accessible to a broad range of users.

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