Stream What You Hear

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Jul 25, 2023 Last updated



Stream What You Hear is an easy-to-use, very productive audio streaming software that enables you to wirelessly stream audio from your PC to DLNA-certified devices on your local network.

With its top features such as a real-time audio capture, customizable streaming quality, and volume control, it yields an effortless and delightful audio streaming experience. Its low resource consumption guarantees smooth performance on your PC, and its compatibility with Windows operating systems makes it reachable to a huge user base. As a freeware software, Stream What You Hear offers a cost-effective solution for those looking to stream audio content to their specific devices without any additional expenses. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite music on a speaker or listen to online radio on your smart TV, Stream What You Hear is a very dependable and practical choice for trouble-free audio streaming.

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