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SVG2PNG is a tiny, free software that allows you to convert SVG files to PNG images. You can use it for a single or batch conversion (up to 64 conversions) process and it is an alternative to other ways of converting SVG files to PNG format.

It allows you to choose the dimension, density, resolution, choose or keep the current folder structure from a clean, intuitive user interface. The program is released under the GNU General Public License and it works on all major versions of Microsoft Windows.

SVG2PNG Review

If you work a lot with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files or plan to do so, you might find this graphic utility useful. As the name of the software itself suggests, this utility will help you to convert SVG files to PNG.

The advantage: I know that you can find many online websites that offer to do this or other programs (e.g. ImageMagick) but considering the size of this tool, it's worth to have it, especially when you're offline or don't want to install a large application just for this conversion.

The disadvantage: Nothing really important but as an user would love to see more options in the future and a better help file as the current "Help" section points to ImageMagic which shows examples on how to use "convert" command in a terminal.

Conclusion: As I already said, certain users will appreciate this tools because it doesn't "force" them to use a larger application. Why would you use an online solution or a terminal command when you have an easy to use interface that does the same thing. Maybe the author should consider "adding" more options that are available in a command line to SVG2PNG interface which should make this application more attractive for those who hate to type all kind of commands and options in a terminal window. Anyway, if you appreciate this tool and want to show your love to the developer, please consider a donation as this will encourage him to release new versions.

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