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Rem VBSworm or Remediate VBS Worm is a free, anti-malware tool designed to detect and remove various VBS infections (Bladabindi‬, Excedow, Jenxcus, Houdini/Dinihu), autorun worms and Windows Script Host malware. Also, it has the ability to prevent future infections when using the "Vaccine" feature. This utility is developed and maintained by Bart Blaze, a malware researcher that also works for Panda Security (a famous Spanish computer security company).

Currently the tool runs on most Microsoft Windows versions.

Important: Make sure that you run this utility with Administrator rights, otherwise the tool might fail to clean infections properly.

Rem VBSworm Review

First time I opened this utility it reminded me of other anti-malware tools such as the old version of JRT (Junkware Removal Tool). I felt the need to mention this because Remediate VBS Worm tool doesn't have an UI (User Interface) such as UsbFix (another popular USB infection tool) but that's a difference related to design.

Run the program

Download the latest version of Rem-VBSworm and run it as Administrator (perform a right-click on the software icon and choose "Run as Administrator". A black window should pop-up which is intuitive, even for novice users.

Choose an option

You have to choose from six options, to make it easier, I have listed all of them and provided a short explanation of each.

A. Attempt to clean infection

If you choose option "A" the tool will scan your computer and all attached USB drives (memory cards, pen drives, external hard drives, smartphones) attempting to clean infections automatically.

B. Clean USB Drive of infections and restore files

The option B allows you to specify directly the name of your USB drive (e.g. H) but be careful as there is a warning message that recommends you to avoid using this on the default Windows partition such as C: drive.

C. Download Panda USB Vaccine

Option C will download Panda USB Vaccine utility which will immunize the USB drives, disable AutoRun etc. In one phrase, it is a good idea to use this to prevent future infections.

D. Disable or enable Windows Host Script

If you disabled manually Windows Host Script or with the help of another similar tool such as Panda USB Vaccine or USBFix you can revert this. Press "D" letter, Enter and then choose option 1 to disable or option 2 to enable.

E. About

The E option explains you how to run the tool. Choose "A", then "B" and afterwards "C". It also provides a link where you can obtain more info.

Q. Quit

The last option "Q" will exit the program and open the log file.


If you suspect a malware infection on your USB device or just want to immunize to prevent this scenario, try Rem-VBSworm. Compared to other USB similar tools it is free and there is no paid version with more features. You might not like the interface but after using the program, you won't even care. The developer arranged the program options in a perfect order, as easy as 1-2-3 or as the recommended order: A,B,C.

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