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# Change Log

With the warm spring weather comes a fresh new release of PicoTorrent straight from the app bakery here in Stockholm 🌞 It's been a while since the last release, so here's a recap of what's new since last time!

🐛 **The bug fixes**

* #1126 - Use a static UUID for single instance checking to better avoid multiple instances - by @SadE54

* #1138 - Fix assigning labels when multiple torrents are selected

* #1141 - The delete key removes the torrent when tracker view has focus

💟 **The feature additions**

* #1124 - When adding files from the command line, users can now pass the save path to use as well - by @SadE54

* #1136 - Support sorting by torrent status

* #1137 - Torrent ratio is calculated using `all_time_upload / torrent_size`

* #1164 - Support label filtering in PQL

❤️ **The love** (updated translations)

* 🇮🇩 Indonesian by @zmni

* 🇮🇹 Italian by @bovirus

* 🇹🇷 Turkish by @xzork, @hipofiz

* 🇸🇦 Arabic (Saudi Arabia) by @gitntel

* 🇺🇦 Ukranian by @molny, @mxve

* 🇬🇪 Georgian by @arabuli

* 🇻🇳 Vietnamese by @Doraemon-kun

* 🇵🇱 Polish by @luki446

* 🇷🇸 Serbian by @laikexpert, @artyom2034

* 🇯🇵 Japanese by @xE0F9

* 🇬🇧 English by @comradekingu

* 🇳🇴 Norwegian (Bokmål) by @comradekingu

* 🇧🇬 Bulgarian by @StoyanDimitrov

* 🇫🇷 French by @TechnoGreg

* 🇷🇺 Russian by @AHOHNMYC

* 🇱🇰 Sinhalese by @Aikatsui

* 🇪🇸 Spanish by @DerianAndre

* 🇧🇷 Portuguese (Brazil) by @nero-0, @mmagian

* 🇩🇪 German by @mxve

* 🇭🇺 Hungarian by @mxve

* 🇱🇹 Lithuanian by @mxve

* 🇱🇻 Latvian by @mxve

* 🇸🇪 Swedish by @mxve

* 🇨🇿 Czech by @DavidJares

* 🇳🇱 Dutch by @Stephan-P

* 🇸🇰 Slovak by @xzpyth

* 🇨🇳 Chinese (Simplified) by @mayli, @KaMingChung

* 🇭🇷 Croatian by @migwynkriid

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🗨️ If you just want to hang out, head on over to [the PicoTorrent Discord server](


PicoTorrent is a free, Open Source, BitTorrent client for Windows. This software is bringing a minimalist user interface along with high performance and low memory usage. The team behind seems to be focused on building new releases since 2015.

If you're looking for an alternative to your existing torrent manager, PicoTorrent is one of the best and free BitTorrent clients. The features listed below are just a few; although the program interface is slick, the software allows you to customize it according to your preferences.

Note: PicoTorrent is available as a standard Windows Installer and also Portable version. You can find the PicoTorrent documentation here


- written in C++ using Rasterbar-libtorrent and wxWidgets

- built directly on Windows APIs

- strong encryption with support for tunneling via I2P, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and HTTP(S)

- support for both IPv4 and IPv6


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