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Tixati is a light torrent client that gives you loads of useful information and configuration options. The UI is unusually informative and nice looking with a color scheme that’s simple and full of pertinent data.

It has a proprietary license, which means you won’t have access to the source code- which can be disappointing if you’re a coder and like to optimize your applications. But it is compatible with both Windows and Linux systems and offers IPv6.

It is free and does not show the user any annoying ads. It gives the user a host of information about the torrents they download including pieces, peers, advanced bandwidth charting, and individual event logs for each peer- which is great if you’re concerned about whether or not a specific peer should be on your list.

Despite being light and free- it’s also well fleshed out with a full list of features like Selective Downloading, Prioritization, Broadcatching, Sequential downloading, DHT, PEX, LPD, and Magnet URIs. It also has MSE/PE for better security.

It comes with both graphical and web interfaces, UPnP, NAT-PMP, NAT traversal for automatic configuration of your router, and UDP tracker as well as support for µTP data transfer protocol. And if that’s not enough for you, it even covers super seeding, proxy servers, IPv6, and Tracker Exchange.

Tixati makes it easy for users to optimize their torrenting experience using the options menu- which is surprisingly detailed. That would be a pretty good compromise if the proprietary license issue were getting you down. The Tixati website has a highly complete tutorial that will walk you through the details of throttling outgoing bandwidth to avoid adversely affecting download speed.

Finally, the sequential download feature lets you play files before they have finished downloading- which is great when you can’t wait any longer! This program relies only on user donations so if you would like to encourage the authors to release newer, better and improved versions please consider a donation.

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