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# Change Log

- Favorites bar on top left, put any feature you like into this section for quick access

- Duplicate search tool for contacts, organizer and notes

- new connection handling via qr-code

- possibility to handle multiple alarms per appointment

- added program settings for backup wizzard


MyPhoneExplorer is a freeware phone management software, useful for those who need to explore their phones. It works with Sony® Ericsson® and Android™ mobile phones (running Android™ 1.6 or higher).

This application can connect to mobile devices using a USB cable, Wi-Fi, infrared or Bluetooth (pairing also possible) connections. As soon as a connection is available, you can perform all kind of actions (listed at features section below) related to backup, Explorer, and personal information manager. It works with almost all Microsoft® Windows® versions in both ways: portable or installer. Linux users can run this software using the Wine emulator (tested with Ubuntu Linux version 12.10).

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Trademark Note 2: Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


- sync your mobile phone with other Desktop based apps such as Microsoft® Outlook® (including Express®), Mozilla Thunderbird®, Sunbird®, Lotus Notes®, Google Mail® and others.

- sync your calendar entries with Microsoft® Windows® Calendar®, Rainlendar, Tobit David, Google Calendar® and net shared calendars.

- sync contacts and notes with vCard/vNote-files

- sync internal Sync-database

- sync several devices to each other

- bi-directional file sync with the phone.

- phones with Android™ 5 (Lollipop) and newer versions: Screen-Mirroring from phone to PC, also available via Wi-Fi.

- compatible with the latest release of Windows® 10 and Outlook® 2016.

- photo-sync: syncs only new photos from the device, the sync process is now much faster.

- set your phone clock based on atom time.

- enhanced "Filebrowser" (you can use it to move and rename files and also for the management of the external storage) and "Control Phone" feature.

- manage and edit profiles, SMS, memory status, phone monitor, call lists, handle calls, automatic photo sync, create your backups using a Wi-Fi, USB-Cable or Bluetooth connection.

- it works with an extensive collection of mobile phones especially those from Sony® Ericsson® and those that runs Android™ 1.6 or higher edition.

- the only limitation applies to low-cost phones which do not have a PC-interface and the old Symbian® based (examples: W950i, W960i, G700, G900, P1i, M600i) that require the PC-Suite to be installed first and limits the connection with MyPhoneExplorer app through the USB-Cable (no other connection available).

MyPhoneExplorer Review

Important:Great news! Starting with 4 March 2015, MyPhoneExplorer is no longer using bundles - it is 100% clean. If you like this program, I encourage you to make a small donation to the author (check the "Donate" link from the bottom of this page).

If you have a mobile phone running Android™ (version 1.6 or higher), you will like MyPhoneExplorer as it acts as a man-in-the-middle, setting up an interface between your phone and computer. According to feedback received from users, large vendors failed to provide a similar product, so it was rated numerous times as among the few and probably the best phone management software.

I regularly checked for other free alternatives such as Vysor, AirDroid or Wondershare MobileGo (last two recently flagged as being UNSAFE) but couldn't find a better option than MyPhoneExplorer. As proof, it was and still is the only software listed on FossHub Mobile category.

Install the app, connect your mobile phone and perform different actions:

- send SMS messages faster from its interface using your computer keyboard (useful if you need to type many of them to friends, family, clients or colleagues, especially during Christmas or New Year's Eve),

- manage and edit appointments, notes or alarms, move data from your SD Card to your PC (photos), backup your phone data and so on.

As a short conclusion, the main advantages are ease of use (user-friendly interface), speed and backup (transfer data from phone to PC) and a clean and safe app to use, after all, you don't want some nasty adware to copy your contacts or any other sensitive data from your smartphone. Finally, if this app helps you out, you can donate below.

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