Remote Mouse

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Jun 22, 2023 Last updated



Remote Mouse is a multi-purpose software that empowers you to control your personal computer using your smartphone or tablet as a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The tool transforms your mobile device into a wireless mouse and keyboard for your PC. By installing the Remote Mouse app on your smartphone or tablet and the companion server software on your computer, you can control your PC's cursor and input text using your mobile device's touch screen. This functionality is particularly handy when you want to control your computer from a distance or when you're experiencing difficulties with your physical mouse or keyboard.

Remote Mouse yields extensive customization options, to permit the user to personalize the controls according to their preferences. You can customize the layout and appearance of the virtual mouse and keyboard, allocate particular functions to different buttons and gestures, create shortcuts for frequently used commands, and even create custom gestures. These customization options enable you to tailor Remote Mouse to suit your workflow and increase your productivity.

The software also offers media remote controls, granting the user full control with media playback on your PC from your mobile device. You can play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume of media files, making it suitable to control media playback while sitting away from your computer.

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