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MediaPortal is an entertainment center for your computer. You can organize and store all your media here, including video, music, podcasts, film, images, and GIFs.

You can also listen to the radio and record live TV.

Important: MediaPortal is available in two different formats: MediaPortal 1 and MediaPortal 2. While both versions use the same TVE3 engine and they are quite similar (comparison here), the team seems to focus their attention on developing MediaPortal 2 in the future. FossHub offers both versions on this page. Don't forget to check the requirements - available here.


- schedule, watch, record live TV - like a TiVo, free and with more options

- allows you to play different media: videos, movies, DVDs and Blu-ray discs 

- you can use it to listen to music and radio

- create, watch a slideshow and enjoy pictures or home videos

- you can Stream media, radio, TV to any HTPC / PC connected to your network 

- control your HTPC from your couch with a remote

- you can check the weather, news, etc.

- access MediaPortal from the web or mobile device


You may want to compare MediaPortal to KODI; both offer similar functionality. Since both are open source, the deciding factors will be ease of use and the attractiveness of the interface. 

MediaPortal has many available skins that can make them look impressive, but KODI is catching up with its skins that improve its appearance. KOD I's add-ons are similar to the plug-ins for MediaPortal, but KODI offers one called SALTS, for "stream all the sources." This add-on lets you watch movies and television from multiple sources while allowing you to subscribe to your favorites.

However, last time I checked, Kodi didn't list videos, music, and images automatically in folders. It was a manually process while MediaPortal did everything automatically.

The portal will play DVDs, or check the weather, and control your choices using a remote control.

MediaPortal is accessible through your web browser or Android and iOS devices.

Additional plug-ins are available for watching movies, as well as TV series. Another plug-in will enable you to watch online videos through. It has a built-in television server that can stream TV to multiple recipients at once. MediaPortal comes with a built-in music player.

So what can you accomplish with all these players and plug-ins?

You can organize all of your media in such a way that you have access to it quickly. Once you upload files or connect internet media, the portal interface gives you access to any media you have. You can schedule showings and move them to new dates and times.

In short, you can spend your time enjoying your media rather than searching for it. As you add new digital media, your interface will reflect the changes. This makes your computer or mobile device into a hub that sits at the center of all of your online and offline files and broadcasts.

Finally, MediaPortal is an excellent replacement for the original Windows Media Center because it offers more options and features.

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