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MKV (also known as Make Kill Vaccine) is a small security tool designed to make your computer drivers and USB removable devices immune to most malware that spread this way. Using its vaccinate feature you can prevent future infections.

The small utility interface is not currently available in English language and although the interface is in French, don't let yourself discouraged. There are three buttons: (1) "Vacciner" which means "Vaccine", (2)"Supprimer la vaccination" which means "Cancel the vaccine" and (3) Quitter - meaning "Quit" and that's it. This tiny program was developed by C_XX (a malware researched) and El Desaparecido (the same person that developed UsbFix a popular anti-malware tool).

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Good to know: Just in case you encounter issues when attempting to immunize your device with a tool such as UsbFix, try to use this program, it will get the job done fast.


- fast, tiny and efficient against most malware that spread through USB devices

- it can prevent future infections with a single mouse click making your device immune.

- for any reason you may have, you can always "undo" the "vaccinate"

- works with Windows® OS partitions (it will vaccinate C: D: etc drives)

- works with USB removable devices: external HDD (Hard Drive), smartphones, digital cameras etc.

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