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EMDB stands for “Eric’s Movie Database.” This free application tracks all of your movie files, as well as collections of television series.

You can also keep track of your physical movie and television discs. The software connects you to IMDB (the Internet Movie Database), so you can import information.

Note: The program doesn't need a .NET framework or any other dependencies (third-party libraries) which makes it fully portable.

How EMDB Improves Your Movie Experience

When connected to the IMDB site, you can not only find movies and TV shows; you can see the most Popular Titles. Then you can see titles that are exact matches for your search term, followed by partial matches. This helps when you can’t remember the actual title, or just know a word or two of it.

You will see who directed it, who stars in it, and what year it was released, along with a plot summary. You can rank your media on a scale of 1 to 10. You can even keep track of the movies you have loaned to other people.

Al of the IMDB information can be correlated with your collection.

Using Large Collections

EMDB can handle collections of 5,000 and more. The software indexes large collections in chunks, so the user may have to search several times to get all titles.

Additional Functions

Besides cataloging your collection, you can alter information. You can change descriptions, delete titles, and add new titles. You have the option of exporting your list, and you can print the list as well. You may also re-enter the medium for any title.

Ease of Use

The interface is intuitive, with all buttons for functions visible in the toolbar. The usability is superior to that of a similar program called Collector.


The creator of this software issues updates to repair known problems. The user can upload fixes without interrupting the original functionality.

The Bottom Line

EMDB is a simple program for movie and TV buffs, and won’t require extensive setup or learning.

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