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Dolibarr is a free and open source software package that offers a host of business and organizational solutions for small to medium-sized entities, foundations, and freelance professionals. Its main features are enterprise resource planning, (ERP) and customer relations management (CRM).

These are essential functions for today’s complex and data-rich organizations.

Dolibarr has an innovative modular structure which enables the user not to have to bother with features, components, and services that they will not be using. It is a web-based application which means, it can be used in any place where the user can access the Internet. It is intended mainly for use by busy professionals and entrepreneurs who do not have a great deal of technical expertise and who need to focus on their business processes rather than spending much of their time having to learn a new business management programs.

Dolibarr’s main features include:

Sales and Purchase Management



Import/Export Data Wizard

LDAP connectivity

Products-and-services catalog

Stock Management

Calendar Organizer

Point of sale

Electronic document management

Project Management

Event Management

Bank account management

Address book

Foundation members management

Payments management

Donations management

Commercial actions management

Commercial proposals management

Contracts management

Orders management

Standing orders management

Shipping management


PDF an OpenDocument generation

First created in 2002, Dolibarr has earned some coveted awards. It won first place in the Management Company category of at the Les Trophées du Libre contest in 2003, the Sourceforge project of the week in 2004 and again in 2015, and the following year as well.

This free and open source business software suite can be installed from the auto-installer file available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is intended for use by busy business people with no technical knowledge, and it is straightforward to install the program along with all of its prerequisites.

If you have a business management need that isn’t being met, you can set up the program and only install the module for the one feature you want it to perform. Leave all of the other modules untouched until the day finally arrives when you need it. It’s a very creative and intuitive solution for busy people who do not want to be bothered with whistles and bows that they do not need or want.

Best of all- as your business grows- and your business management needs evolve, you can activate additional modules as you need them.

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