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Black Artix

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Black Artix is another Linux distribution, a combination between Artix and BlackArch. The result is a nonsystemd pentesting OS that runs on XFCE Desktop 64-bits only. Black Artix is an unofficial release and not supported by Artix or BlackArch.

Note: For any issue please make a ticket at https://sourceforge.net/projects/artix-black/ or at https://t.me/blackartix (Black Artix Telegram Group). You can also visit the developer homepage.


- nonsystemd (repository for software built and patched to work without systemd)

- the software is from Artix with new themes and pre-configured BlackArch repos

- pentesting

- OpenRC, Runit, and s6 Init ISO

- Undercover Operation (Kali Linux)

- UFW - Uncomplicated firewall with tray icon 

- Pamac package manager

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