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AutoHotkey is a free, open source customized scripting language for Microsoft Windows OS

. It is designed to provide simple and easy custom keystrokes and shortcuts, software automation, and macro-creation that lets users of nearly all skill levels automate repetitive tasks.

It works in any Windows application, letting users override the default control key commands to suit their work style and preferences better. AutoHotkey comes with an extensive guide to help users get through the setup phase.

Custom scripts can be used to launch or close programs, documents, send mouse clicks and keystrokes, retrieve, assign, or alter variables, run loops, manipulate files, folders, and windows. Trigger complex custom events with a single stroke of the keys or just set up a few alternative ways to get simple things done. Creative users can end up feeling like they have a brand new a fully customized machine that no one else has the duplicate of.

Some everyday tasks that can be accomplished with AutoHotKey include:

Remapping the keyboard

Create and use shortcuts to fill in file names or other phrases that are frequently used.

Controlling the cursor with the keyboard or a joystick.

Opening documents, programs, and websites with a simple keystroke.

Add a signature to e-mail or message boards

Monitor a system, automatically closing unnecessary programs.

Schedule automatic reminders, scan the system or perform regular data backup.

Automate repetitive tasks in programs including role-playing games.

Automate repetitive tasks in Excel.

Fill out forms automatically.

Quick and easy code testing before implementation.


AutoHotKey is easy to learn and comes with a lot of simplified code for beginners to use and understand. It can be mighty and be used to set up complex chains of events. Or it can be used to make your everyday computing a little bit easier.

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