Remote Desktop


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Jun 19, 2023 Last updated



UltraVNC is a high quality, attribute-rich remote desktop software that enables users to establish remote connections and control computers over a network or the internet.

With its main functions, it is particularly useful for IT professionals, system administrators, and individuals who need to provide remote support or access their computers from different locations. UltraVNC also has a screen-sharing capability, where it allows users to view and interact with the remote computer's screen in real-time. This capability enables seamless collaboration, remote troubleshooting, and remote assistance, as users can see exactly what is happening on the remote computer and control it as if they were physically present. Another great function of the software is its support for various authentication methods and encryption protocols. It ensures secure remote connections by providing options for password authentication and supporting encryption algorithms like Secure Shell (SSH) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) encryption. This guarantees that data transmitted during remote sessions remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

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