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Telegram is a free messaging app focused on simplicity, speed, and security. You can use Telegram on multiple devices at the same time; your messages will sync on smartphones, laptops, computers, or tables.

Due to its simplicity, security, and responsive interface, Telegram became one of the most popular, free messaging app.

Telegram Review

Telegram Messenger is a cloud-based messaging application that works for multiple systems, computer types, and across numerous platforms and browsers. It even works on desktop computers and is compatible with all of the major operating systems- including Mac OS X and Linux. It is most readily comparable to products like Skype, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp Messenger.

Where Telegram stands out is in speed, reliability, and security. The app speed is the first thing you’ll notice when you start using it. The developers achieve this via a decentralized global data center infrastructure, which makes Telegram possible.

The company claims that they encrypt user data using encryption keys that are stored on external servers in jurisdictions outside of the area where the encryption keys are used.

Telegram lets you;

Send and receive encrypted messages.

Login on as many devices as you want at the same time

Orchestrate chats across every device you own

Connect from any location, no matter how remote

Create chat groups of up to 200 members

Broadcast to as many as 100 recipients

Use a custom image as your avatar.

And that’s just a start.

Now, for the Low-Down

When you compare Telegram to its competitors like Skype and WhatsApp, it shines. The speed, ease of use, and reliability are unprecedented. This is probably because it uses cloud storage to save your device from having to do all the code crunching. But it is also almost certainly due to its spare and elegant design.

As soon as you fire it up, it’s ready to integrate with services like iCloud and Dropbox. Messages and data synchronizing across devices is natural and happens seamlessly.

Now, while the security structure is innovative and robust- it does have flaws. The fact that Telegram is designed to be so easy to use and so easy to create vast networks- it’s not hard to imagine how your security could be compromised. The way the developers deal with this is to give you double security checks with every machine you use the program on. So, that helps- but no digital security is perfect. So, keep in mind that Telegram’s strong point is ease of networking and communications. You can’t have that without taking security risks.

Another potential concern is the fact that there are no content controls. Users can use ANY image they want as an avatar and can share any content. No one is policing these channels. So, if you have children- caution is warranted.

All in all, Telegram is free to download, free to use, and open source- and it is very slick and robust. Users are advised to take extra security measures and to monitor the use by children.

If you do a lot of online messaging, it is most certainly worth a try.

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