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Remote PC

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Jul 20, 2023 Last updated



RemotePC is an advanced and feature-rich remote access software designed to enable easy and secure remote connections between computers. RemotePC, developed by IDrive Inc., provides a wide range of tools to access, manage, and control remote computers from anywhere in the world.

The software enables users to remotely access their computers or those of their clients or team members, regardless of the distance. It provides reliable and secure remote connections, allowing users to access files, applications, and desktops remotely, just as if they were sitting in front of the PC.

RemotePC is designed to implement excellent and responsive remote connections, even over low bandwidth networks. Its effective compression algorithms and adaptive quality settings make sure of smooth and lag-free remote sessions, granting for productive and uninterrupted work.

In addition, the software supports a Wake-On-LAN (WOL) feature, allowing users to wake their remote computers remotely, even if they are in sleep or hibernate mode, facilitating easy access without any manual intervention.

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