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RawTherapee is an incredibly powerful program that converts/develops raw files. Its installation is extremely easy. The true challenge lies in the mastering of RawTherapee's numerous in-depth features.

This open-source software has everything one could need to process RAW files in the manner he sees fit. RawTherapee certainly takes some time to learn yet most users won't mind experimenting with the software. Don't believe the hype when you read or hear that RawTherapee takes six months or longer to get the hang of. Anyone with decent computer skills will find the software to be fairly intuitive.

Note: We list the latest RawTherapee versions which are appropriate for everyday use and latest Microsoft® Windows® OS and Mac® OS X® versions. If you need an older version or wish to use an older 32-bit version, check the official download page of this program here. For Linux versions please visit the same page, select "All Linux Builds" from the menu and choose the Linux build you need.

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RawTherapee Review

How It Works

Many users decide to take the RawTherapee plunge in an effort to ensure that each image appears a close to being “natural” as possible. Import your desired folder that contains RAW files, and you will be editing in no time. There is no need to modify the imported files as the software leaves them in their original state.

RawTherapee's Jaw-Dropping Array of Features

RawTherapee is chock full of diverse features. The major features are located on the right-hand side of the screen, spread out across five different tabs: Color, Details, RAW, Transform and Exposure. You will undoubtedly get plenty of use out of the Details tab. It allows for noise reduction, edging, sharpening, micro contrasting, defringe, reduction and more. Lots of the software's experienced users will quickly point out that it has more bells and whistles than the widely lauded Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. These capabilities make the editing of raw images relatively easy and somewhat fun.

Sure, professionals will likely obtain more utility from such niceties, yet the same can be said for most complex software creations. Spend some time with the software, and you will likely round the learning curve sooner than you originally anticipated. Go ahead and toy around with the image's exposure, the shadows' influence, contrast and vignetting. You will find that each can be implemented with ease. Other RawTherapee features and abilities include re-sizing, cropping, advanced color handling and batch processing. If there is a weakness to RawTherapee, it is a fact that the interface is a bit busy. It takes some time to figure out where each tool is positioned.

Why RawTherapee is Worth a Download

RawTherapee is an incredibly advanced application for RAW editing. Its plethora of features will impress even the most experienced professional. Give this RAW editor a chance, and you will immediately be impressed by is dexterity. If you can't find a particular feature that you need or desire, it is probably because you didn't look long enough. The chances are that the function (or something similar) is programmed into RawTherapee and you will stumble upon it in the future. The unfortunate truth is that most beginners will be scared away by the incredible number of RawTherapee bells and whistles. This program was created by professionals with other professionals squarely in mind. However, less experienced users will obtain ample utility out of the software if they are willing to spend some time digging into its rich features.

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