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Krita software is a rendering engine that allows for digital painting, drawing, and animation.

Though previous versions of the software were criticized for slow performance and a confusing interface, the latest edition of Krita is much improved.

Note: We list Krita Desktop version. There are other versions such as Krita Gemini and Krita Studio. For more info check the official homepage here.

Krita Review

What Krita Does

The addition of the Instant Preview has revolutionized Krita's functionality. Anyone who desires an instant preview of their drawings along with helpful feedback on their work will love the updated version of Krita. There is no longer a wait in between large digital brushstrokes and other commands. The instant preview function speeds up the program's “move” tool, filter use and animation playback. The latest edition's toolset allows for the type of animation that traditional animators favor.

Krita's development gurus have even promised to update this toolset continuously as time progresses. Fire up Krita, learn the basics of the tools, and it won't be long until you are having a blast drawing horizontally, vertically and radial symmetry. The program excels when it comes to painting. The programs brush stabilizer is top notch. Game artists who are charged with the task of character design will love the paint functions. Krita can be used to create some fantastic character and environment designs.


Krita's updated version provides three brand new dockers: timeline, onion skin, and animation. The timeline empowers users to alter frames and the animation layer. The onion skin allows for a preview of multiple frames on the canvas in a simultaneous manner. The animation docker permits modifications to the animation’s length. Tap into the default animation work center, and each of these three dockers will appear toward the bottom.

Test out the layer management functions, and you will find that they operate with considerable speed and flexibility. The software also allows for convenient keyboard shortcuts to simplify and hasten commands.

Game artists will find that Krita's bevy of features empowers them to do their job as intended. Users can tag specific layers and then filter them by selected colors. They can also edit properties on several different layers in one fell swoop. It is easy to add clipping groups, group/ungroup layers and manipulate layers as desired.

Users are ecstatic that Krita's creators invested the time and effort necessary to consolidate what used to be three separate display modes into a single display that succinctly provides all the bells and whistles an artist needs. Other Krita features include gradient mapping, an improved blending mode, support for gimp brushes, a window shell extension, and a markedly improved popup palette.

Is Krita Worth a Download?

For an open-source project, Krita is quite impressive. Whether you download, Krita will depend on your idiosyncratic needs, desires, and budget. The program certainly has its fair share of unique tools. In the end, the Krita experience is best described as satisfying. Download Krita, and you will not be disappointed.

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