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Inkscape is a source vector graphics software that took nearly half a decade to create. The program is supposed to compete with Adobe® Illustrator®, yet many users claim that it falls short of Adobe® high standard.

Let's delve into the nuances of this software to help you figure out if it is ideal for your needs and desires.

Note: The Linux versions can be downloaded from official page here. Most popular package manager / app store for Linux should be able to deliver Inkscape, however, please note that this might not (always) be the latest version.

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Important: Starting with version 0.92 you will no longer be able to download Inkscape for Mac OS X. The Inkscape project made version 0.92+ available via MacPorts "both as an X11 build and as a native Quartz build". According to their instructions, If MacPorts is already installed, you can build the X11 version using the following command "sudo port install inkscape" and for the Quartz version use this one "sudo port install inkscape +quartz"

Inkscape Review


Inkscape is operable on computers with Windows®, OS X® and Linux operating systems. This open-source software has become somewhat popular partially due to its merit but also because Adobe® has pivoted to subscription pricing. If you are a cost-conscious graphic designer/digital artist, and you don't want to jump through the hoops required to install and license Adobe® software, Inkscape is an excellent solution. Some will even purchase Inkscape as a means of protesting Adobe® near-monopoly. Regarding format support, Inkscape steps up to the plate. SVG is the default format yet PNG, JPEG, BMP, EPS, TIFF and Postscript are also supported.

What it Brings to the Table

Inkscape's latest version is widely lauded for its speed. The program has fixed all the bugs that slowed down previous versions of the software. The updated release must be commended for its efficiency and lack of debilitating bugs. Inkscape is “multi-threaded”, meaning that it is capable of rendering with filters at an incredibly fast pace. The newest version of the software also boasts a brand new renderer built according to the Cairo graphics library. As long as you have a multi-core system, you will be able to work with massive, filtered SVG objects without any encumbrances of note.

Owners of Mac® computers will find that Inkscape allows for the creation of vector-based drawings that can be built with in-depth features like object sculpting and path editors. However, X11 must be installed on the system as the software is not native to contemporary Macs. Inkscape allows for highly detailed documentation and even walks users through each feature, providing examples as well as screenshots that flatten out the learning curve. Users can tap into a special Inkscape grid that empowers them to build vector drawings that one can snap objects to. Creation tools range from polygons to squares, circles and beyond. Sculpting objects and generating paths for objects to follow is surprisingly easy.

Is it Worth Downloading?

The latest Inkscape update has remedied nearly all of the bugs that plagued previous versions. The program functions quite nicely, empowering users to generate usable content for a broad array of purposes. The learning curve isn't too steep thanks to the software's user-friendly instruction guide. There is no doubt that Adobe® Illustrator® is more powerful, yet Inkscape is available free of charge. Download Inkscape and you will be pleasantly surprised with the performance of this open-source software.

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