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GlassWire is a dynamic network monitoring and security software that gives users with real-time insights into their network activity, bandwidth usage, and potential threats.

It allows users to visualize their network activity and understand how their computer or device is connecting to the internet, as the software presents this information in an intuitive and visually appealing graph, making it easy to track network usage and identify any unusual or suspicious behavior. GlassWire also offers a powerful firewall feature that permits users to monitor and control network access for individual applications. Users can easily block or allow specific applications from accessing the internet, as the software enhances security by giving users granular control over which applications can communicate with the outside world. GlassWire, on the other hand, also provides historical data on network usage, where users can view past network activity, allowing them to analyze trends, identify data spikes, and make informed decisions about optimizing their network usage.

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