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# Change Log

Tempo plugin can control tempo, pitch and rate. There is also an aa filter and fast mode option.

It uses the BASS_FX_TempoCreate routine.

Other fixes;

1) Output device monitor can now be disabled.

2) Error warning now displays stack trace.

3) Library roots can now be fully deleted.

4) Settings screen was cleaned up (irrelevant settings hidden, empty pages hidden).

5) Fix UI scaling does not apply.

6) Fix crashes when meta data is disabled.

7) Fix settings screen selection issues.

8) Fixes were made for replay gain/fading configurations.

9) Fixes were made for skip silence/fading configurations.

The substream code used to offset/trim streams was moved (used for .cue support and skip silence).

The project can be found here:


FoxTunes is a free, open source modular music player built on the BASS framework - a powerful audio library.

The program uses a simple and intuitive user interface with components that can be relocated and removed - access the settings area, and you will be able to customize the player in many ways. Also, the playlist, library, and other elements can be customized using Javascript, DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI output modes are supported, and it also includes a mini player with optional artwork and playlist. Thanks to BASS audio library, FoxTunes is a powerful music player.

Note: FoxTunes is offered as a ZIP archive. To run the program, unzip the downloaded file in a folder and click on the "FoxTunes Launcher" icon. If you want to use the music player on Windows XP a compatible .NET 4.0 build is available, can be configured minimally. The requirements are; 

KB2468871 - Portable class libraries patch

msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

Stock plugins;

- SQLite - Use SQLite for database functions.

- TagLib - Use TagLib for metadata functions.

- DirectSound - Use standard windows audio session for output.

- Javascript - Use JS for scriptable elements.

- Logging - Use Log4Net logging back-end. Can be configured and disabled.

- Config - Use a binary config file.

Various optional plugins are available;

- Windows - Global key bindings (Multimedia keys), system tray icon.

- SqlServer - Use Microsoft SQL Server for database functions.

- SimpleMetaData - A metadata provider using the file path and regular expressions. Recommended for older systems.

- ASIO - Low latency exclusive output, supports DSD directly.

- WASAPI - Windows Audio Session API output.

- DSD - Required for DSD direct.

- DTS - Play .dts multichannel format.

- CD - Play audio CDs from a physical drive.

- Resampler - SOXR based high-quality configurable resampler. Can perform up/downsampling.

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