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FocusWriter is a distraction-free writing software designed to create a focused and immersive writing environment, where it offers a minimalist interface that removes distractions and grants writers to concentrate on their work.

The software's top objective is to produce a distraction-free environment, providing a blank canvas for writers to unleash their creativity. The minimalist design eliminates all irrelevant elements from the screen, such as menus, toolbars, and notifications, permitting users to fully immerse themselves in their writing.

FocusWriter has a goal-setting functionality, where writers can set word count targets or time goals to keep themselves motivated and track their progress. It provides a progress bar that visually represents the completion status of the set goals, giving a sense of accomplishment as writers work towards their targets.

To improve the writing experience, FocusWriter offers typewriter sound effects too! These audio cues simulate the sound of typewriter keystrokes, producing a nostalgic and immersive atmosphere for writers. The sound effects can be customized or disabled based on the user's preferences.

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