File Hash Checker

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Dec 23, 2022 Last updated


# Change Log

New UI, added hash comparison.


File Hash Checker is a free, easy-to-use, portable file signature verifier by Mount White Technology Solutions. You can use it to verify the popular MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 file signatures.

Hash values, also known as checksums or file signatures, are unique strings of characters generated based on a file's content.

File Hash Checker allows you to quickly and easily verify the integrity of a file. If the hash value of a file you have downloaded matches the hash value provided by the source, you can be confident that the file has not been altered or corrupted during the download process. 

Another advantage of File Hash Checker (and why it is an excellent idea to verify file signatures) is that it can be used to detect malicious files. By comparing the hash values of the original source (most software authors publish their file signatures) to malicious files, you can identify any that may be harmful. If a program has been tampered with by a hacker or malware, the hash value will no longer match the original value.

This tool is an easy way to ensure the safety and reliability of your downloads and can be an essential part of your security and risk management strategy. The application is straightforward, but if you've never used similar software before, there's a quick "how to use" tutorial on its official homepage.

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