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Claws Mail is an email client as well as a news reader. It is based on GTK+ which is a cross platform widget toolkit.

Claws Mail is really easy to use and has a bunch of features that people can utilize in the software program. One of the best things about Claws Mail is that it is a free and open source program so you can download it without paying any money. It can be used on Windows® as well as programs like Linux, Solaris, and BSD.

Note: You can download Claws Mail for many Linux versions here. The Plugins available here, Themes here and Tools here.

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Claws Mail Review

Claws Mail has a lot of different features. It has all of them that you would expect from this kind of software and then some. A few of the features that you will find in the program include:

- Quick response

- Multiple accounts

- Filtering

- External editors

- Line wrapping

- Automated mail checking

- Clickable URL's

- An address book

- Message drafting

- Message queue

- Printing

- Import and export of files and mailboxes

- Folders

- Color labels

- Plugins

- Templates

- An ignore thread option

- Spell check

- Theme Support

  and much more.

Plugins on Claws Mail

If you want more than the program already has then you can add several plugins to make it more personalized. There are a variety of plugins available to make the program even better. Some of the plugins that are available include:

- Anti-spam such as Bogofilter or SpamAssassin

- HTML viewers such as Dillo or Fancy

- Python Scripting

- Calendars

- Trayicon

- RSS Aggregators

 and much more

Essentially, almost anything you need Claws Mail to do can be done by the existing program or by installing a plugin for the software. The software is already very robust and stable but the designers also made it extendable so it could be used by people who have a variety of different wants and needs.

User Friendly Platform

Claws Mail is a software that is easily learned and understood by new users. The platform is very user friendly. The interface and the appearance are designed for both new users and experienced users alike. The interface is described as graceful and and sophisticated by the company. I would not say that it is the best one out there but there is nothing wrong with it and it is very easy to use. If you do have trouble using it and figuring it out, though, there is a user manual that you can review to get a handle on the system.

Ease of Use With Other Programs

Claws Mail makes it very easy to use the program with a variety of other programs. Claws Mail is already set up for use with programs such as Mozilla, Firefox, PopFile, and SpamAssassin. To connect the program to Claws Mail, you can follow the easy to understand instructions that are found in the frequently asked questions portions of the website.

Overall, I would recommend using Claws Mail if you are looking for an email client and a news reader. It can be used with other programs, has a lot of features, is easy to use, and can be customized by adding more plugins.

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