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ArsClip is a fast, light, and powerful clipboard manager for Microsoft Windows OS that is free to download and use.

It is a light and handy utility that makes text editing much more comfortable by keeping track of all of the entries on your clipboard. Cutting and pasting works, optionally, by using a pop-up window that is triggered at a keystroke and by other means as well depending on the user’s preference.

The copy and paste options cover a wide range of work styles, preventing a lot of the many annoying and common little quirks and foibles of cutting and pasting less likely to manifest. Users who works with large amounts of text frequently knows all of the minute issues with cutting and pasting that can just drive a person up the wall. ArsClip smooths out most- if not all- of this headache causing annoyances.

Early versions were extremely spare, but the latest releases deliver an impressive range of features while still keeping the overall experience fast and sturdy with a very light impact on your computing resources. The creator took the time to listen to and implement a lot of great user feedback to deliver a clipboard manager that is precisely what people are looking for. One of the most important innovations to make its way into the latest version is copy and paste automation tasks.

Some of the most outstanding features include; permanent Clips/Macros for copying/pasting automation, picture pasting, RichText, Unicode, File Copy, HTML support, high reconfigurability, Jumplist support for Win7, an optional clipboard bar, a clipboard viewer, an optional global clipboard to share clips with other devices.

No installation is required, but it offers an optional program that will complete the setup process for you automatically. It runs on Windows XP, Windows 10, and everything in between.

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