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This software runs on Microsoft Windows XP SP 3 Vista 7 and 8

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Last update April 2, 2014

What is Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a web browser based on the security and robustness of the Firefox browser, started and maintained by a single person (Mr. M.C. Straver). It eliminates several unnecessary features that slow down the browser and it is optimized for modern hardware. A few examples: Accessibility features, Parental controls, Maintenance service and others. You won't find these features (that most people don't even know exist) in this web browser. Although there are older versions that can run on old computers (such as Pentium III), this browser has been optimized to work well with PCs that are no more than several years old (approximately up to 10 years old). If you have an old computer and you don't know if it's going to work with the latest version of Pale Moon there are two ways to test this. You can download the latest version and see if the browser will start (if it doesn't, visit the technical section of the home page and check the "Supported processors" section), or you can check before downloading if your processor meets the browser’s requirements with a small tool (it needs support for SSE2). If it doesn't start, your computer is likely too old to run Pale Moon.

Pale Moon Review

If you're a fan of Mozilla Firefox but you hate all the unnecessary features that come with it (integrated) and you don't use them, try Pale Moon. As you can read from the main official page, this is a "custom-built and optimized" Firefox browser. It's only available for Windows and it comes in two versions: installer and portable. The author (developer) removed all unnecessary features that slows down Firefox, came up with a different layout (interface design) and several other ideas. After penning the initial thoughts of this review - I read other impressions about this browser. I finally decided to try it myself and downloaded the 32-bit installer version. Right from the start, I recommend you to choose a custom setup. You can choose the installation folder, where to create icons for the program, choose to make this (or not) the default browser and eventually you can import options, bookmarks or anything else from a different browser. At least that's what I did, it took me only a few seconds to install and start this web browser. One thing to mention, the setup file does not contain Adobe Flash Player required for many websites. Just like most browsers, you have to install this separately. The browser will ask you to do this, after installation. Add-ons that work on Firefox will work on this browser too. Without getting too much into details, I've noticed the following: the interface looks clean and modern. Regarding the design, I would dare to say that it reminds me of the Opera web browser. When you open the browser, the default page is named "Pale Moon START" that has a main Google search integrated right at the top. Below that search, there are several popular websites. If you don't like this approach, you can always remove it from main options window. To access "Options" area of this application, look on the left corner (up) for a small, blue-tab named "Pale Moon". If you click on it, it will expand and allow you to access the most important features. From here, you can manage Add-ons, bookmarks, history, a web-developer section and most importantly the main program "Options". This is the place that allows you to change or better said customize the browser even further. The good thing: it looks exactly like Mozilla Firefox so there is no learning curve required. In the end, if you're looking for a lighter, faster version of Firefox you might appreciate this browser. I've made several tests on two different versions of Windows - Windows XP SP 3 (it won't work with other older versions) and Windows 7 Ultimate. I visited several websites and didn't notice any issues at all. From my tests, I can confirm that the browser is indeed stable and loads fast when compared with others. On a powerful PC with plenty resources you won't notice but I ran the browser inside a virtual machine (VMware) and I noticed a small difference in speed. If you use an older PC, you will notice the difference between Pale Moon and other browsers. Also, if you ever need help or more information, the browser will add several bookmarks to several important sections: its homepage, the Forum, FAQ and release notes sections. I guess this software is fairly promising. It's a wonderful replacement for other browsers, especially Firefox. If you like it, please consider a donation.

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Daryl Killik February 23, 2014
Perfect balance between speed and functionality. It's a web browser, and full-featured - but none of that "fluff" that you really don't need like Facebook integration or live video chat (If I want that, I'll use Skype or Jingle!). And, well, it just keeps getting better every release (Unlike the monstrosity that Firefox is turning into). I switched to this one, and I'll never go back. Ever. Having to use Firefox on my work machines feels like my computer just got a hardware downgrade. So easy to get used to Pale Moon's smoothness!
JP February 10, 2014
This comment was moderated: Dear JP, please don't make false accusations. It's true that Pale Moon is delivered as an EXE file but regarding the setup file, it will only extract the contents to the exact location that you want. The content of the file, is actually an archive that contains the portable version of Pale Moon. I double-checked this on Windows 8.1 and 7: there's no trace of Pale Moon browser in C drive. It also doesn't appear in the Control Panel - Programs - Uninstall section. Therefore, I believe you have made a confusion regarding how Pale Moon portable version is delivered (not like other portable programs - extracting the content from an archive, however the result is the same).--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JP said: The portable download seems to be standard installation files looking to install to the C drive - and would no doubt put an uninstall application on the C drive too. They need to fix this obvious inconsistency before this app is considered portable. Product not installed because it is not portable.
Rodney Reid February 2, 2014
Pale Moon brings back the start-up speed and responsiveness that has been lost for a number of years since Firefox went from 'it just works' to now include everything under the sun. My heartfelt THANK YOU to Mr. Straver!