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FotoSketcher is a freeware Windows software that allows you to transform your digital photos in wonderful cartoons, drawings or paintings. It has many features, others are constantly added to new versions. You can use over 20 different styles such as pencil sketches, watercolor, oil paintings and many others. If you need to improve your images use one of his easy tools (example: contrast, simplify image, increase luminosity, saturation of colors). You can also add simple frames and text to existing images. The program is 100% clean and has no toolbars/installers or anything else that can be identified as adware/spyware. It runs on most used Microsoft Windows versions such as XP, Vista and 7.

FotoSketcher Review

FotoSketcher is a free graphic application designed to be easy to use for newbies and advanced enough for people that worked before with other graphic software. I tested this software on a computer running Windows 7 using both versions (installer and portable).

About the software…I can only think at something easy to use. I would like to say that all you have to do is to open an image, apply needed actions using one or more program features, save the image and there you go - enjoy wonderful results.

When I tested the program for the first time I modified one of my existing photos, used a "cartoon" style and sent it to my girlfriend. Immediately, she uploaded that image on Facebook and it received several "likes" from friends. One of her friends was so impressed saying that "Wow! What Photoshop can do!". I must say that I am not an Adobe Photoshop expert but this software will make you look like you're using an advanced program such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro or GIMP.

Obviously, it's not meant to be in the same league but there is no learning curve required. The truth is that everyone can achieve a similar result, you just need a couple of minutes or even seconds to convert your photos into art. You are allowed to do whatever you want with photos that you own. You can even sell created photos without having to buy a license or ask for author permission but don't forget that this is a free software and the author's work should be rewarded with a DONATION whenever is possible.

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Crunch Hardtack July 29, 2014
This is a fun little program that can create magic with photos, sketches; with just about any type of supported graphic. Five Stars: 1. It's fun 2. It's free 3. Easy to use 4. Pleasant UI 5. Works well 6. Very flexible in terms of what it can output. 7. Very sophisticated for such a small and free program No, it's not Corel's Painter program and doesn't pretend to be. I'm a great fan of and prefer using portable apps whenever possible and am grateful to the author that he included a portable version.