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# Change Log

Fixes an issue where Ylva might display an error while minimized.


Ylva is a free, open source, secure and portable password manager licensed under the MIT license model.

You can download Ylva and run it or choose to run the password manager from a USB stick. Although there will be a commercial edition available, the only difference will be that the paid version will include automatic updates and support from the author.

IMPORTANT: Ylva project is no longer developed and per project manager request, this project will be removed from FossHub

Note: Ylva will store the encrypted passwords in the same directory where Ylva.exe is located; Ylva.cfg is the new, encrypted file that contains all of your passwords. You can create a folder where you can store the encrypted passwords or keep everything on a USB stick. In both scenarios, please don't forget to create a backup for the encrypted passwords just in case you will lose the USB stick, or something terrible happens with your OS (HDD failure, ransomware, virus, etc.)


I am a great fan of other popular password managers such as Password Safe or KeePass. Ylva password manager is developed by the same author that created Fort (free file encryption and password manager for Microsoft Windows OS). Considering I have a dozen passwords, such a tool is a must-have, so I could not deal, remember or manage to store complex passwords safely. So, it works exactly like the other popular password managers: remember a single master password, and this gives you access to all the others.

Get it

Considering its size, the download should finish instantly. Run Ylva.exe and you're already ready to use the program.

User Interface

Simple, some users might argue the interface is not looking modern or sophisticated. However, I prefer a clean and easy to use interface, especially when it comes down to security. Run Ylva.exe and before you attempt to add a new entry (or the first one) the program will ask you to set up a master password.

This is important: make sure you don't forget this password. As soon as you add it, you can start adding new entries. You can type your password or generate a secure one using this program.

As soon as you finish, you will start to see them appearing on the main software interface. In minutes, you will get used with the program.


This password manager offers a decent list of features, expect others in the future versions:

- AES 256-bit support

- PBKDF2 key derivation   

- data tampering detection

- support for 64-bit

- hide sensitive entries

- copy passwords as QR Code

- add favorites (quick entries)

- automatic encryption

- automatic updates and support (available only at the commercial version)


I like Ylva, and I consider it a great, free alternative password manager, especially if you never used one before. If you're looking for a tiny, portable, secure and super easy to use a password manager for Microsoft Windows get Ylva. The learning curve is close to zero, and there are only two things to remember: the master password and a backup of Ylva.cfg (where all encrypted passwords are stored). If you like the software and would like to support future development, please don't forget to donate for the free version or considering upgrading to the commercial version, both of them helping the author.

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