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# Change Log

- New and improved graph mode (Timeouts displayed better, automatic graph axis scaling and clearer bar drawing)

- Reworked No input (/ni or /noinput) and added Require input (/ri or /requireinput)

(These commands still function the same as noinput always has; using it in a command will mean that command does not require input once it has finished . What's changed is these commands now persistent accross runs of PowerPing. So if you use noinput once you will no longer be prompted for input next time PowerPing is run even if you don't include /noinput. The same applies in reverse to /requireinput which is still the default behaviour for PowerPing)

- Added Full timestamp argument (/fts or /fulltimestamp), similar to --timestamp but adds full local time and date

- Added 'utc' option for /fulltimestamp and /timestamp commands (/timestamp utc or /fulltimestamp utc in order to use) to display any timestamps in UTC

- Added version check to --version and ```--help`` commands

- Added alternate themes for --symbols command (use /sym 0 or 1 to select alternate themes)

- Added option to listen to specific address in --listen command (Use /listen to specify address)

- If left without a specific address /listen command will now listen to all local adapter addresses by default

- Added more info to raw socket creation errors messages

- Improved address finding and arguments parsing

- Improved build and testing processes


PowerPing is a free, Open Source, improved command line ICMP ping utility. It can be used as an alternative or replacement for the famous "ping" program that comes included in all Microsoft Windows OS versions

. The main advantage is that you can use the same functions from "ping" along with some extra features (see below) that might require you to use different software. If you're looking for a comparison, I can't think at a better example than "PuTTY" (original and popular) vs. "KiTTY" (fork with more features) utilities. According to the author, this app is written in C#, and both Microsoft Windows OS and Linux have inspired his work.

Note: To run this program you will need to run it as "Administrator." Usage requires a different command format such as "--help" instead of "-help."


- Basic ping functionality (see the "Ping Options)

- Colored output (program uses several colors)

- Display options (customize retrieved information)

- ICMP packet customization

- Scanning

- Flooding (send a high volume of pings to an address)

- ICMP packet capture (/listen)

- IP location lookup

- Whois lookup

- Graphing

Future features:

- Traceroute

- Tunneling

- IPv6/ICMPv6

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