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# Change Log


Autohotkey Code explorer shows hotkey labels too (#char::)

Automatic unicode composition (Special settings) is made with clipboard paste and save file too.

User convertors allows you to define delimiter character for lists. In the section [Settings] as DelimiterChar=|. Pipe is used as default, even variable isn't present.

possibility to disable triple and quadruple click behavior in program settings / Direct edit button as TripleClick=0


Refuse open big file dialog with PSPad start caused exception

Open file from FTP with path longer than 260 chars - handled exception

Perl highlighter caused app freeze if file contains #00 char

Other fixes reported by users


PSPad devel contains the developer builds of the PSPad editor. Builds include changed files only.

Please install the latest full version first and replace existing files with content of developer build package.

Important: Please note that the files listed here should be used for testing purposes and not for daily use. If you're looking for the latest, stable version of PSPad, you can download it from here.

Note: The previous versions listed on of PSPad developer builds were moved here on this page. From now on you can download them from this page.

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