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BitComet is a free BitTorrent client and also a download manager for HTTP/FTP having the ability to support multiple simultaneous downloads.

It is a complex multi-threaded and multi-protocol file-sharing software with plenty of features (some of them being unique) such as (1 - BitTorrent related) long-term seeding, torrent share, support for magnet URI and cross protocol download, align file to piece boundary, intelligent optimization for your Internet Connection, intelligent disk cache and allocation (reduces the read/write frequency of your HDD also disk fragmentation), download preview, support for DHT network, auto config for ICF and UPNP, multi-tracker support, UTF-8 extension, UDP tracker Protocol etc. (2 - HTTP/FTP download) support for P2P download, intelligent file rename, download preview, quick resume, multi-mirror and multi-section downloads, upload and download speed limit, support for tags, bandwidth scheduler, automatic shutdown, etc. This application works on all major versions of Microsoft® Windows®, including both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

IMPORTANT: Certain sites lists BitComet as being adware (due to bundled 3rd party offers). FossHub doesn't list the Installer/Setup version but if you insist you can get it from the official BitComet archive download page here.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

BitComet Review

Setup: After reading a dozen of BitComet reviews, I decided to read carefully, both the "License Agreement" and "Privacy Policy" before installing the program. Except for the 3rd party offer where you need to be careful, the installation is (for the version that I tested - 1.37) common with other free programs and easily enough for everyone.

Main Usage: The main software interface looks similar to most programs. To keep it short, you have the regular navigation menu at the top of the app, right under you have large menu buttons which perform the same functions, but they are easier to work with. On the left side, you have a section named "Channels" containing links to popular torrent websites and in the middle you have the "classic" window showing downloaded files, including the additional fields (comments, previews, time left, seeds/peers, size, etc.). The last section found at the bottom is a mixture for tracker and peer info, but it also shows an ad (probably that's why certain sites list this program as being adware) and also offers a "Sign In" or "Sign Up" to other services.

What I don't like: I am not a fan of ads inside the software or 3rd party offers but as long as I, as a regular user, I am allowed to disable them (e.g. Privacy Policy, section - Uses: "You can disable the function of "Search for mirrors" in "Properties" of a download task at any time. With this function disabled, the Software does not contact BitComet during your downloading.") I guess it's acceptable. Also, a few sites block BitComet due to several issues from the past, but that's not relevant as it's not related to the program itself.

What I like: It's stable and mature enough, the first version was released back in 2003, so it has more than a decade of development. It's fast; I have tested all download types: Torrent, HTTP, and FTP. As a comparison, I used other popular BitTorrent clients and download managers, and BitComet were able to max out my connection, and that's excellent. You have certain features that you can't find at other similar tools such as: Intelligent Disk Cache (at least for Solid-state drives this function must be very useful) proprietary file sharing protocol, fetch identical files from other torrents, "anonymous downloads" (this isn't free but not expensive), eMule Plugin (useful if you want to find seeds in the ED2K network if there is no seed available in the BitTorrent network), both 32 and 64 bit versions etc.

Conclusion: Probably the biggest advantage of using BitComet is that you have several programs (BitTorrent client plus P2P - HTTP/FTP) inside one. Add a large amount of features and support for them (a Wiki section) and there you go: you have an excellent, (I would dare to say) underrated, free file-sharing software.

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